The shop

The business is shaped by the image of its owners – rethinking every facet of the retail business. Driven by sports, they accommodate cyclists in their shop by offering bike racks inside the store. In addition, Marc-Antoine, one of the owners and a civil engineer by training, incorporates noble building materials into the interior design of the store to create a unique atmosphere for customers. Finally, being allergic to peanuts and legumes, Marc-Antoine is aware of the increasing prevalence of allergies among Quebecers and wishes to offer bulk products containing no priority food allergens, according to the list developed by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. More to come.


Why choose Le Décapsuleur?


  • Located in a LEED Platinum building
  • No distribution of printed advertising
  • Receipts sent by email or SMS
  • No plastic bags
  • Eco 6 pack ring (E6PR)


  • All payment methods are accepted
  • No minimum payment for credit card use
  • No marketing spam
  • Prices include taxes and deposit

Quebec products

  • More to come


  • Discounts announced at official opening

Redefining retail

With his passion for sustainable development, healthy lifestyles and Quebec-made products such as microbrewery beers, Marc-Antoine wishes to bring Griffintown a business that represents his image and is distinguished from other shops in the area. His main goal is to simplify the task of choosing the right beer in an eco-friendly way.

His brother, Alexandre, who is also part of the business venture, is passionate about wine. In 2019, this passion led him to study wine. His work in the aviation industry for the past three years has allowed him to visit some of the most beautiful wine-growing regions and broaden his knowledge in order to promote and develop a selection of the best wines produced in Quebec.

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